Telephone interview cheat sheet: Software developer

Telephone interview cheat sheet: Software developer

Telephone interview cheat sheet: Software developer

One of the most effective ways that to spot promising candidates for employment gap is via an interview. By asking each general and position-specific queries, you’ll get a scan on candidates’ expertise, skills, and temperament. This cheat sheet provides a framework for assessing qualifications for the package developer role. We’ve provided sample answers, that you’ll replace along with your info.

From the cheat sheet:

Can you describe a package development project you worked on within which you overcame a replacement challenge?

The candidate delineated having to develop a package interface that accurately calculated excise by postal code throughout North America. His current leader needed a new capability that he wasn’t aware of. Therefore he consulted with potential vendors, conducted web analysis, and educated himself what he required to understand to finish the initiative.

How does one do make sure that deadlines don’t slip once managing multiple initiatives?
The candidate delineated the strategies he follows once prioritising work. His policies embrace investing daily scrums and providing regular standing reports to his manager to create specific priorities and stay on target with deadlines.

Do you have any expertise operating at intervals our specific industry?
The candidate has worked at intervals the money services and producing sectors.

With that programming languages does one have the foremost expertise?
The candidate attained Microsoft MCSD certification and had worked with Microsoft Visual Studio, Team Foundation Server, Azure, ASP.NET, PHP, and Python technologies.